Meet LeCarlo

After completing undergrad with a BS in electronics, LeCarlo has worked with 7 large corporations in the field of engineering. During this time he also obtained his MBA and various technology related certifications. He has held positions in IT/Systems/Software testing, integration, quality assurance, and systems/software development. His gift is in his problem solving abilities and being comfortable in chaotic environments. He realizes that challenges are questions that have not be answered.

For more than a decade LeCarlo has been on the path to becoming a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, currently a Brown Belt. Understanding the importance and benefits of personal safety and self defense, he has provided many opportunities for others to learn by hosting self defense workshops in Maryland and surrounding states.  And for those that may not be able to attend, LeCarlo has authored a book on personal safety.

LeCarlo has found that life, business and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu have many similarities. The principles that help to allow success in one are of life can also be used to help you become successful in other areas. With the knowledge and information he has gained over the years is is now using it to help others overcome challenges and reach new levels in their lives as well.


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