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Level Up – Coaching Program

This program is for clients who are ready to improve their overall wellness and lifestyle. It starts with an initial Discovery Session to get clear on your vision for your wellness and lifestyle, identify the challenges that you are facing that are keeping you from being successful, which will allow us to develop a strategy that will help keep you focused during this experience.

This program is designed to provide support and accountability in reaching your goals and creating better habits for an improved and healthier lifestyle. We will work in weekly sessions, via phone/Marco Polo/text/ZOOM or possibly in person (local), on strategies that we work together to develop for your goals. We will discuss all areas of your life to help improve your overall wellness such as mindset, lifestyle, nutrition, and career.

Each week will we put together a plan for you to work on until the next session. This homework will give you an opportunity to work on the area discussed for the week.

If you are ready to improve your overall wellness and lifestyle in sustainable and positive way Contact me for more information.








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